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The 2014 Street Style Trend You Can Still Wear In 2015

December 5, 2015 / Street Style
Unlike the street style days of yore (a whole three years ago) the scene on the sidewalk doesn’t so dramatically switch up on a seasonal basis. Yes, there are always new clothes, new catwalk swipes, new combinations… but nowadays the fast-paced entire wardrobe switch-up is redundant. We’re most impressed by [...]READ MORE

Little Red Hoodie Ferragni

November 28, 2015 / Street Style
Only her… our favorite… the it girl who pulls out every outfit like a goddess, yes we are talking about Chiara Ferragni, founder of The Blond Salad… we are always obsessed with the trends and looks she Is wearing, this time we cant get enough of her favorite autumn capes. [...]READ MORE


October 14, 2015 / Street Style
Can we dress 70s boho-chic but still look polished? Can we wear simple outfits but look sophisticated? Can we be TRENDY professional women, and not sit fads out when we’re behind boring desks? When you think about your day-to-day looks basically we’re all stuck in the same pile of crap: [...]READ MORE

Our trend of the week: MAXI SKIRTS

October 12, 2015 / Street Style
From New York Fashion Week, to a casual dinner with friends, Maxi skirts are everywhere and we can’t get enough of this classy trend. Combine them with shirts for a business meeting, or wear them with a crop top for a night out, there are not limitations when it comes [...]READ MORE

How much is too much? 3 tips to wear animal print

October 12, 2015 / Street Style
Lets be honest, not everyone knows how to wear animal print, the thing is you need to be careful with this trend because if you try to hard, you can end up looking like a hot mess. Probably the most important point: KEEP IT SIMPLE ladies, by this we mean [...]READ MORE

Bling it up!

October 12, 2015 / Street Style
Sparkles, sequins, chains, and we could go on and on, don’t save your bling for a special occasion; try to wear them on daytime. When you combine a shiny piece with a basic outfit, you will be adding a touch of glam and edge to your look that will turn [...]READ MORE

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