October 13, 2015 Health & Fitness


Until now, every juice cleanse I read about or saw on Pinterest had some absurd requirement involved that would turn me off every time. Most of them sounded close to starvation while the others sounded like medical experiments without pay. This detox, however, is not too crazy.


After doing this detox, my skin feels absolutely amazing and my complexion is glowing. My metabolism is running at light speed, I have more energy (without caffeine or sugar)

It eliminated that annoying last layer of fat over my lower abs.

Seriously! Every girl’s dream.

Going three full days without eating any solid food will also show you how much eating you do just because you want something to nibble on. You’ll find yourself completely full and still wanting chips just because they’re crunchy, and then you’ll cut that habit out!


  1. These recipes make a LOT to drink- you will actually find yourself full before you finish them, but make sure you drink the whole thing each time.
  2. DRINK WATER. Drink it all day long. Be sure to have at least two cups after each detox bath to avoid dehydration. I probably had about 15 cups per day.
  3. Don’t forget to sweat! During a detox, make sure to do light cardio each day. Breaking a sweat is what will release those icky toxins.
  4. Make your smoothies ahead of time. They will store perfectly fine in a sealed container in the fridge.
  1. Use your coconut oil as lotion after each bath. It is solid in the jar but will melt with your body heat.
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