October 14, 2015 Street Style

Can we dress 70s boho-chic but still look polished? Can we wear simple outfits but look sophisticated? Can we be TRENDY professional women, and not sit fads out when we’re behind boring desks? When you think about your day-to-day looks basically we’re all stuck in the same pile of crap: tops, skirts, pants, heels or flats and (still) coats. Bags or scarfs can add extra fashion-personality. Or jewellery can do that too. But it’s all been done before, and if not… getting outfit-creative at 7 a.m. can pretty much suck.

Can we have the cake and eat it too?

Doh. Who run the world? Girls. That we can do anything we put our minds to, is no news. Unless of course you’ve been living on Jupiter so far, then you’d better get your facts updated on this one. Dressing trendy, looking sophisticated, chic, worthy of any street-style pic, or magazine cover, AND still dressed like we’re the CEOs of some company, the president of our country, or the queens of the freaking world – IS a task no longer impossible. Not when we’re talking FRINGE TREND

 Fringes slapped on clothes or accessories have the magic power of looking trendy, AND versatile. So they can basically go from music-festival-style to office-hours-look. And ALL the styles in between. For ALL ages.

Fringes have been around for years. Hello, the roaring ’20s. They were tassels dancing around bodies. It was all rebel yet very very glamorous still. Later on, the 70s brought the fringe back into spotlight with a more bohemian-unglamorous-yet-incredibly-cool take. Fringes on suede jackets or skirts were huge.

Then 90s fringes were adorning our cropped T-shirts. remember that one? I used to LOVE it back then, and would wear my favourite fringe white tee with a pair of glittery blue leggings.

Today… centuries later, I am still struggling to put an end to my teen fashion (and sadly not only) impulses. I kinda had a guilty pleasure for fringed cropped tees even after the fad was way gone. Thank God it’s back this spring, and I can now literally drape myself in fringed and tasseled anything. Shoes, bags, tops, tees, skirts, dresses, necklaces, belts, bracelets, jackets, matching-sets. Heaven. I’m in heaven. C’mon sing with me y’all.

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