Trendiest hair colors for fall-winter 2015

Trendiest hair colors for fall-winter 2015

Trendiest hair colors for fall-winter 2015

October 14, 2015 Hair

When autumn begins, most people have the urge to go dark with their hair color. But the ultimate hair trends suggests lightening it up with warm hues.

All the cold and the dry weather can make your hair look a little dull, so adding some soft highlights to blonde, red, and brunette hair will brighten up your look during the dregs of winter.

  • Blonde: Light hues with gold undertones is the perfect way for fair-skinned ladies to lighten up their blonde locks without going completely platinum.

  • Honey Hue: This winter, those with naturally darker locks who want to go blonde should warm and lighten their hair with gold accents. This honey hue is an ideal way for those with olive or deep skin tones to embrace a lighter look.

  • Golden Strawberry: A hue that adds warmth to blondes and redheads during the icy winter months. This shade particularly plays up porcelain skin and light eyes.

  • Russet Red: A rich copper with hints of warm brown that will literally glow in the winter firelight and make every eye color pop.

  • Sunkissed Brunette: Those with dark hair should lighten up their locks this season with subtle, face-framing café au lait highlights. This will add warmth and dimension on all skin tones.
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