Exclusive Bloggers Panel with Joelle

Exclusive Bloggers Panel with Joelle

Exclusive Bloggers Panel with Joelle

November 14, 2015 City Guide

Joelle Mardinian is an awarded make-up artist in the Middle East. She has her own TV show on MBC for over 10 years where she gives make-up overs to women with many insecurities. She has a beauty salon called; Maison de Joelle with many branches all over the Middle East! Joelle has recently opened up a clinic called; Clinica Joelle. Owns Haircare and skincare line And if that wasn’t enough, she’s also the brand ambassador of MAX FACTOR make-up!…. And she’s a mom of the 2 most adorable kids!

Joelle Launched her new sun protection haircare line all over the Middle east. the other day at The Torch Hotel Doha, iQatar had the amazing opportunity to have an exclusive meet up and discussion with a truly inspiring woman. We were blown away with how humble she was after so many years of seeing her! The Evening was full of beauty secrets, tips & tricks and women empowerment. We are super excited to try out Joelle Haircare & Skincare products and post a review soon. Stay Tuned!

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