Fanilla Couture’s Shaikhat Al Zayn

Fanilla Couture’s Shaikhat Al Zayn

Fanilla Couture’s Shaikhat Al Zayn

December 1, 2015 Obssessions

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The designer Razan Suliman introduces another remarkable addition to her brand, by launching the awaited National Day “Shaikhat Al Zayn” collection. After a lot of preparations and hard work, the collection is finally ready to grant Fanilla Couture fans elegance and sophistication gracefully. A brilliant set of different outfits to maintain an elegant look while enjoying the overall conservative feel on the very special national day occasion.
After the unprecedented success of the last National Day collection “Queen of the desert”, this collection “Shaikhat Al Zayn” offers even more variety in the designs, the style and the overall theme. It includes cape dresses, matching kaftans & leggings, pencil skirts for ladies, adorable dresses & matching sweatshirts leggings for little girls. From the initial exposure of the collection to the media, we foresee that it will be another milestone in Fanilla Couture journey.
Razan has always been mesmerized by patterns but for this collection she chose the vintage old Arabian gold to be the main element of beauty and the building block of the overall design. Seeing
old vintage gold, Razan was captured by its beauty and got inspired to bring it all in her designs and recreate the magnificence she saw in her artwork. Following the brand’s philosophy, the collection signifies Arabic elements on the Qatari flag colors as the background to celebrate the National day.
The new collection pieces are beautifully colorful and as usual present a very good mix of pop culture and traditional elements. “Shaikhat Al Zayn” collection is just another successful addition to Fanilla Couture exceptional portfolio making the sumptuous fabrics, bold colors and sophisticated designs a signature to the brand.

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