May 29, 2016 Launches

ORGANIQUE SALON & SPA by Samia Alsaleh. Located in Dafnah, it is the first Beauty Center of its kind, catering to its female clientele with all organic and natural products.

The ideal choice for the woman looking to relax and enjoy beautifying herself.

What makes ORGANIQUE SALON & SPA unique is our use of natural products, and organic ingredients prepared fresh daily. Using the finest essential oils and purest herbal remedies, all presented to you in the tranquil atmosphere of our premises.

As for our hair color services, our salon specializes in using the products of the wold famous Italian company, Kumon.

ORGANIQUE SALON & SPA is your destination for all your hair, make up, and spa needs.

All our services and products at ORGANIQUE are a product of the collaboration with Madi International, famed for their Salon Equipment.

The results of this combination is a special salon & spa that has a unique services and natural products with high standards of quality. That every lady looking for, to satisfied her women hood and beauty.

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